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Class at Woodbrooke Study Centre, UK: The Birth of Liberal Quakerism, 1861-1921

The Birth of Liberal Quakerism, 1861-1921 Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre Friday 6 December 2013 – Sunday 8 December 2013 Places available Ensuite Fee: £194.00 Standard Fee: £184.00 Course Details One hundred and twenty years ago, plans began for the ManchesterConference and 110 years ago, Woodbrooke first opened its doors. Withina decade, the Liberal project had […]

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Conference of the Nontheist Friends Network at Woodbrooke, March 9-11 2012: MINUTE AND EPISTLE

One year after its formation, 95 members and supporters of the Nontheist Friends Network from all over Britain met as Friends together at Woodbrooke for the Network’s inaugural conference and first annual general meeting. In plenary sessions, break-out groups, workshops and worship we reflected on what it means to live with integrity as committed nontheists […]

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New Nontheist Friends Network in Britain

A meeting in February of 40 nontheist Friends at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre,  England, decided to organise with a view to becoming a recognised special interest group of Britain Yearly Meeting. A steering group of six Friends was appointed to take the work forward. The steering group resolved to call the new organisation the Nontheist […]

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What Next for Quaker Nontheism?

Minute and Epistle of the gathering of nontheist Friends at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Britain, Feb 18-20 2011 “There are nontheist Friends… Friends who might be called agnostics, atheists, sceptics, but would nevertheless describe themselves as reverent seekers.”   So began the report of the first formal workshop for nontheist Friends, held in New York State […]

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Nontheism Among Friends – Workshop at Powell House

Facilitated by Robin Alpern and Zach Alexander January 2-4, 2009 Please join us as we explore the faith and practice of Quaker nontheists and the richness of a spiritual life not necessarily dependent on belief in God. Friends have become increasingly aware of the theological diversity of our Religious Society–a large proportion of our Society […]

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Friends General Conference Gathering, June 28-July 5, 2008

Friends General Conference Gathering will take place at Johnstown, PA from June 28-July 5, with 63 week-long workshops, including one explicitly for nontheist Friends, and others that seek to bring nontheist and theist Friends together. Please let me know if there are workshops that meet this description beyond those I have linked to below. Nontheist […]

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Godless for God’s Sake: Nontheism in Contemporary Quakerism

Order from (US) (listed under “Universalism”) Order from (in the UK) Order from (in the US) In this book edited by British Friend and author David Boulton, 27 Quakers from 4 countries and 13 yearly meetings tell how they combine active and committed membership in the Religious Society of Friends with rejection […]

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Welcome! presents the work of Friends (Quakers) who are more concerned with the natural than the supernatural. Some of us understand “God” as a symbol of human values and some of us avoid the concept while accepting it as significant to others. We differ greatly in our religious experience and in the meaning we give […]

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