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Nontheist Friends: Where to from here? A Reply

A first step in discerning our future as nontheists among Friends, is to distinguish between our roles in two very different settings: that is, (a) settings that include a wide variety of theist and nontheist Friends who have come together for many different reasons, and (b) settings in which everyone is there to focus on […]

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Publications on Quaker Nontheism

This first appeared in Quaker and Naturalist Too (Iowa City, IA: Morning Walk Press, 2014, pp. 135-145). The list is divided between earlier publications (1962-1995), and later publications (1996-2013). Unfortunately some publications have been missed and the list is not being kept up to date. Please send copies of material to be included, or their […]

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Accepting the Challenge of Non-theism

John Cowan Second Month 2014 This has been a journey. The journey began with my increasing discomfort at the presence of non-theists in my monthly meeting, Twin City Friends, located in St.Paul, Minnesota. These non-theists were not only Quakers, but some of our most beloved members, constant attenders, holding responsible positions. I have only been […]

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Reviews of Publications on Quaker Nontheism in the 2010s

Contents: Introduction Review #1: Patrick Nugent’s homework assignments Introduction: For a general introduction, see the document on this website with reviews from the 1960s. There is also a list of publications on Quaker nontheism on this website. It does not include letters, editorials, book reviews or internet blog postings (an exception was made for two […]

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Reviews of Publications on Quaker Nontheism in the 1960s

Contents: Introduction Review #1: Claire Walker and the Questing Quakers Review #2: Larry Miller’s review of Honest to God Review #3: Toward a Quaker view of theology Review #4: Dan Seeger and nontheist conscientious objection Review #5: Carol Murphy Review #6: Bradford Smith Review #7: Joseph Havens Review #8: Scott Crom Introduction: Learning about the […]

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Identity Creation: Nontheist Quaker

The creation of an identity is often a long process, some of which is conscious and some of which happens through experience. In many ways it is similar to the French art form of bricolage, using found pieces of whatever is around to create a unique piece of artwork. Identity work is constrained by the […]

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Intellect and Spirituality

…I don’t mean that everyone should engage in or care about this kind of intellectual wrestling, and I certainly don’t mean that our worship should become intellectual debate or performance–yuck. But the widespread fear of and distaste for intellect, as if the search for understanding could possibly be a bad thing, does not serve us […]

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