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Meeting That “of God”

As a convinced Friend, I am very familiar with the phrase “meeting that of God” and the idea that there is that of God in everyone. I’ve been more familiar than comfortable with the concept at times. I’ve often added “or intrinsic good and ultimate worth.” To me it has always meant that every human […]

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Accepting the Challenge of Non-theism

John Cowan Second Month 2014 This has been a journey. The journey began with my increasing discomfort at the presence of non-theists in my monthly meeting, Twin City Friends, located in St.Paul, Minnesota. These non-theists were not only Quakers, but some of our most beloved members, constant attenders, holding responsible positions. I have only been […]

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Confessions of a Failed C.O.

(I presented this at an adult education session at Twin Cities Friends Meeting in November 2003.  A Friend recently suggested it might spur some conversations around alternative ways of seeing and experiencing what Quakers call the “inward light.” In particular, I think the idea of the inward light as something pure, which can be experienced […]

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My Spiritual Journey

Presented at Twin Cities Friends Meeting (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA), spring 2000 or so I received a list of questions to help me prepare for this morning’s talk. I understand it was just intended to help me approach the subject of my spiritual journey, and not as a set of directions. I considered politely setting […]

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